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Engineered Storage Systems is Southern California's pre-eminent locker distributor proudly serving its diverse customer base for more than 36 years. ESS is a full service provider offering product specification and site design services, installation, and maintenance services on any locker application. ESS works with the leading locker manufacturers to deliver and install the most well-suited product and on-site configuration for your particular location, as well as to best serve your staff and students. ESS also offers locker removal services, as well as sales of used lockers. Additionally, ESS offers a complete line of shelving products.

Dedicated Professional Staff

ESS employs approximately 20 full-time employees, 75% of whom have twelve (12) or more years with the Company. We have a full-time staff of installers, assemblymen, sales, CAD designers, and customer service staff to accomodate all of our customers, and virtually any locker requirement or application.

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Longstanding relationships with leading locker manufacturers

Serving the locker industry since 1977, ESS has developed significant working relationships with the leading locker and supporting manufacturers in the industry. ESS's sales, design, service, and installation expertise has evolved with the technological developments in the locker industry over the last four decades.

Primary Service Area

ESS provides sales, service, and installation to customers in the greater Southern California area, extending north to the central valley and central coast of California and south to the Mexican border. ESS can also ship used lockers to any location in the United States.

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